4 Signs Your Dog Loves You

We all love your furry-family members, but do you know if they feel the same way back? Check out this 4 signs that will tell you if your dog loves you back.


Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist of Emory University was curious about what the dog mind thought. He was able to do MRI scans with his own dog and with research he found that dogs indeed do have emotions and love on us humans.

  1. Your dog wants to cuddle with you after he/she is done eating: So, food is important to all dogs, even humans. After probably the most important smell-food and devouring a meal, your dog wants probably wants to come back to you to hangout.
  2. Your dog get super excited when you get back home: You know you are loved if you come home to your pup jumping up and down wanting to play with you. Or, even if your dog is calm, but wagging his tail, they still love you.
  3. Your dog like to sleep with you: Dogs like to hangout with humans, fellow canines, and felines if they feel a connection. If your dog runs to you after you get back home, that’s an instant sign they are happy to be with you.
  4. You are a big fan and love your dog: Berns says if you don’t love your dog, then your dog can’t love you back. It has to be mutual.

To read more about Bern’s dog discovery, check out his book How Dogs Love Us.

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