Tip Tuesday: Dog Walking

It’s Tip Tuesday! Having problems walking your cute little pup? You just a need a few training tips to correct any puppy paw-problems you might be having. Here are 3 of Cesar Millan’s suggestions:
  1. Your energy and body language: For a good dog walk, you need to be confident in the walk yourself. Make sure your head is up and your shoulders are back. Cesar says to remember, ‘I am the pack leader.’ The positivity and confidence can actually change the way of the walks.
  2. Film the walk: Ever think about filming you walking your dog if you are having problems? It can be very helpful as you can see if you have bad posture, if there’s tension on the leash, or how you and your dog act when your pup is being bad. You can easily see problems and then try correcting them.
  3. Practice Walking: Keep trying at walks, don’t stop or nothing will improve. You can improve from learning from bad days. Eventually, you both will master the walk.

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Photo Courtesy: Safetails
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