Monitor Your Pup’s Health

We all know about FitBit and all those cool gadgets to track our own everyday health activities, but did you know you can get a FitBark for you pup? FitBark does everything from monitoring your pup’s physical activity as well as sleep, allowing you to keep an eye on your pup’s health progress.

A few cool features about FitBark:
  • Find out more about your dog’s behavior: As you track and leave notes about your dog’s daily life, FitBark will allow you to get a visual of if your dog is happy, sad, how it may be taking a life-changing event.
  • You can compare you dog with other dogs: FitBark will provide other dog breeds to you and you can compare your dog’s health to other pups out there.
  • Better health decisions with your vet: The next time your vet asks you how has your dog been doing, you’ll have all the monitoring from FitBark to refer to.

FitBark even comes in a few different colors, so you can match it with pup-outfits and such. You can order FitBark online.

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